The fence and gate is the first thing visitors see. With our patented system you can create your own modern horizontal fence design. Alumission’s aluminum fence is made in USA from a-z. It’s lifetime lasting, light weight and heavy duty. Our aluminum fence or gate made out of 4 different profiles. It is powder coated and ready to install. The horizontal fence is very easy to install and no special tools is needed.

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Ranch Style

5.5″ Slats with 8″ or 12″ spacers between the slats

Los Angeles Style

5.5″ Slats with 1/2″ spaces between them.

San Francisco Style

1″ Slats with 1/2″ Spaces

Las Vegas Style

5.5″ Slats and 1″ Slats with 1/2″ spaces between them.

New York Style

No Spacers.

Dallas Style

Start with 5.5″ slats and end with 1″ slats. All with 1/2″ spacers.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to build any horizontal fence regardless of the material (aluminum or wood), first, you will need to install your fence post in the ground. Once the post are in ground, usually 5′-8′ apart, you can attach the horizontal slats. When you use Alumission’s profiles just slide in the aluminum slats in to the posts channels.

Usually the same, as long as the spacers and slats sizes are the same. When using the same material for horizontal fence or vertical fence material cost should be the same. When it comes to installation, horizontal fence will be faster to install (cheaper).

For aluminum horizontal fence it will be $30-$120 per square feet including installation. It can be very depending on the design and total sqf you would like to get. The bigger the job, the cheaper the price per square feet.

To build a horizontal fence you will need: vertical posts and horizontal slats. To get an exact part list and prices click here and we will send you a detailed quote for your fence project.

Yes. As long as the preparation and installation is done right horizontal fence should be very strong. 

Usually half inch space between the horizontal slats (boards). If you want your fence to be fully privacy you can always do it without any gap between the slats.