Double swing driveway gates in Austin, TX 78746

Full privacy 10’ wide aluminum driveway gates. Made with two 5’x6’ height swing gates. 5.5” aluminum slats with no gaps to get 100% privacy. Keyed lever and deadbolt was used for extra security.

Also, the aluminum double swing driveway gates have been seamlessly and successfully incorporated to enhance the aesthetics of the house.

About Austin, TX 78703

The city of Austin is located in the territory of Texas. Austin is the fourth largest city in Texas, home to 961,855 people in 258 neighborhoods.

In addition to being among the most expensive in Texas, Austin real estate consistently scores among the most expensive in the country.

It’s also interesting to note that Austin has more people working in computers and math than 95% of the US.

Moreover, Austin is also known for its artistic community. The number of artists, designers and people working in the media in Austin is higher than that of 90% of the communities in America.

The Neighborhood

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