Aluminum side yard gates in Jacksonville, FL 32226

Aluminum gates (Dallas Style) on the side yard and the front of the house. One of the gate is a double swing gate to be used as a driveway gate for cars. All the gates was made with ½” spacers and combination of both slats size. The life expectancy of aluminum side yard gates is at least twenty years when properly positioned and maintained. Aluminum won’t crack, warp, or shrink no matter what the weather conditions are.

About Jacksonville, FL 32226

Located in Florida, Jacksonville is a very large coastal city. Jacksonville is the largest community in Florida, home to 949,611 people and 206 neighborhoods. In Jacksonville, there are no predominantly blue-collar or white-collar jobs, but a mix of both. Jacksonville is primarily a city of salespeople, office workers, professionals, and service providers. Office workers (13.87%), sales workers (10.73%), and managers (9.34%) make up a large portion of the population in Jacksonville. In addition, Jacksonville has more people working in computers and math than 95% of the places in the United States.

The Neighborhood

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