Aluminum privacy fence in Sacramento, CA 95819

Modern aluminum privacy fence between neighbors. Made with 5.5” aluminum slats and ½” spacers. This fence was installed on 1.5’ block wall and going 5’ height. When properly constructed and maintained, modern aluminum privacy fences typically last at least twenty years. No matter what the weather, aluminum doesn’t crack, deform, or shrink.

About Sacramento, CA 95819

The city of Sacramento is located in California and is one of its largest cities. Sacramento has a population of 524,943 people and 194 neighborhoods. Although Sacramento has some of the nation’s highest housing costs, real estate prices here do not compare to those in California’s most expensive communities.

Sacramento is primarily a city of professionals, salespeople, and service providers. It is estimated that the majority of Sacramento residents are employed in the fields of office and administrative support, sales, or management.

The Neighborhood

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