Aluminum Privacy Fence in Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Full privacy aluminum fence (New York Style) made with 5.5” aluminum slats with no gap between the slats and one 1” aluminum slat on top to give it a little change on the design. Aluminum privacy fences generally last at least twenty years when properly installed and maintained. Under any weather condition, aluminum will not crack, warp, or shrink.

About Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Colorado Springs is a major city in the state of Colorado. There are 478,961 people and 141 neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, making it the number two city in the state. There is many military personnel living in Colorado Springs. When you visit or walk around Colorado Springs, you may see military personnel, both in and out of uniform, joggers, shoppers, and people generally about town. It is also interesting to note that Colorado Springs has more people working in computers and math than 95% of the cities in the US.

The Neighborhood

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