Aluminum Horizontal fence in New Orleans, LA 70115

Horizontal fence built from 5.5” aluminum slats and 1” aluminum slats. Flat black “Dallas Style”. The first 3.5’ is with ½” spacers and the top 6”-8” of the 1” aluminum slats made with 1” spacers. In order to complement the existing layout of the house, the aluminum horizontal fence has been customized according to the owner’s tastes.

About New Orleans, LA 70115

Louisiana is home to the large coastal city of New Orleans. New Orleans is Louisiana’s largest city, boasting a population of 383,997 people who live in 195 neighborhoods. A large portion of the architecture in New Orleans date back to the pre-World War II period, making it one of the oldest and most historic cities in the United States.

New Orleans house values aren’t as high as those in the most expensive cities in the United States, but New Orleans houses are some of the most expensive in Louisiana. Almost 85.48 percent of New Orleans’ workforce is white-collar, which is above the national average.

The Neighborhood

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