Aluminum horizontal fence (Dallas style) in Billings, MT (59102)

Texas Style fence at 6’ height aluminum fence made from first 5’ of 5.5” slats with ½” spacers and top 12” made from 1” aluminum slats and 1” spacers. Alumission’s fence system is made from 6061 T6 and finished with black powder coat to hold any weather condition for life. These aluminum panels are not susceptible to corrosion, rust, or erosion like steel or wood, thanks to aluminum’s remarkable corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

About Billings, MT (59102)

Billings is a very rural city situated in Missouri. Billings is the 345th largest community in Missouri, with a population of 1,084 and just one neighborhood.

A blue-collar town, Billings is dominated by occupations involving physical labor. In general, Billings is home to production and manufacturing service providers, workers, and office workers.

If safety is a concern, Billings has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. People in Billings don’t have access to a public transportation system, as is often the case in small cities.

The Neighborhood

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