Aluminum horizontal entry gate in Ventura, CA 93001

Made with mixed slats of 5.5” and 1” with ½” spacers. This design is a combination of the Miami and the Las Vegas Styles. The gate height is 8’. It is an acknowledged fact that aluminum horizontal entry gates are exceptionally resistant to corrosion as well as rust, compared to steel or wood.

About Ventura, CA 93001

Ventura is a large, mid-sized coastal city in California. Ventura is home to 110,763 residents and 30 neighborhoods, making it the 60th largest city in California. Ventura’s housing costs are among the highest in the nation, although home prices here do not compare to those in California’s most expensive communities. Telecommuters account for 8.84% of the workforce. Although this number is not very large, it is high as compared to the rest of the nation as a whole.

The Neighborhood

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