Aluminum Gate in Westlake Village, CA

When it comes to full privacy gates, the installation is just little different than slat gate with spacers. When you use the L bracket to attach the slats to the side post, the L bracket will slightly lift the next slat on top. To avoid that gap you can use a router to shave the bottom end of the slat from each side. You should cut about 1/2″ from each site and about 1/8″ from the very end.

Another way to do so is the cut small rectangle from the corner of the slat using chop saw.

No metter what tools you using always wear protection gear as safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection.

Side gates Specifications and photos


Side yard wood gate


Aluminum slat gate Westlake CA

Those two aluminum gates was in installed in Westlake village, CA. Their sizes are 4’x6′ like most side yard gate in California. The lock is a standard keyed latch lock.

Aluminum Slats Gate

The Neighborhood

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