Aluminum Gate in Rancho Santa Fe, California (92067)

About Rancho Santa Fe, California (92067)

California’s Rancho Santa Fe is a very small community. Rancho Santa Fe is the 577th largest community in California, with a total of 3,156 people in just one neighborhood.

In addition to its home prices ranking among the highest in California, its real estate is consistently ranked among the highest in the nation.

The town has a decidedly white-collar population, with 89.97% of its workforce working in white-collar jobs, which is higher than the national average. Most of Rancho Santa Fe’s population works in sales and office jobs or is professionals or managers.

The community is a great place for families for many reasons. It truly has some of the characteristics that parents look for in a city where they can raise their children, including good schools, low crime, college-educated neighbors who support education because of their own experiences, and a high rate of homeownership in largely single-family homes.

​​Santa Fe’s climate is dry, hot, and parched. Santa Fe’s climate is dry, hot, and parched. There are over 300 sunny days per year on average. July and August are the hottest months, with average highs of 80-90 °F.

Due to the area’s weather conditions, homeowners in the area tend to prefer modern aluminum fencing and gates over wooden fencing that rots over time. Aluminum has become a popular choice in recent years because of its strength and durability since it does not shrink, warp or crack when exposed to the elements.

The Neighborhood

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