Aluminum fences in Mission Viejo, CA 92637

Flat black aluminum 3’ height fence in the front yard to made to get semi privacy from the street and enclose sitting area. The style on this fence project is Miami style made with 5.5” horizontal slats and 1” slats separated by 1” spacers. These panels are spaced so that the view of the surroundings beyond can be seen between them, the view of the sitting area is expanded and framed by the panels.

About Mission Viejo, CA 92637

Mission Viejo is one of the larger medium-sized cities located in the state of California. 93,653 people live in 21 constituent neighborhoods making Mission Viejo the 81st largest city in California.

The cost of housing in Mission Viejo is among some of the highest in the country, regardless of the fact that the price of real estate here isn’t as expensive as real estate in some of California’s most expensive communities.

There are a significant number of telecommuters in the workforce: 9.60% of all workers work from home. The number may seem small, but as a percentage of the national workforce, it is high. Many of these workers are telecommuters who are employed in knowledge-based, high-paying professions.

The Neighborhood

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