Aluminum fence in Thousand Oaks ,CA (91361)

Both side yard fences and gates in brown color. 6’ height using 5.5” aluminum slats and ½” spacers. Using mechanical combination lock. The left side is double swing gates for a big opening and the right side is 4’x6’ Height pedestrian gate.

Thousand Oaks & Modern Fences

There are 127,873 people living in Thousand Oaks, a city in California.

The city is located in Ventura County and is one of the most desirable areas to live in California. Many Thousand Oaks residents own their private homes, and Thousand Oaks is a dense suburban community. With hot, sunny, dry summers and mild winters, the region has a hot, sunny, Mediterranean climate or a hot, dry subtropical climate. The area`s fluctuating weather conditions lead many homeowners to choose modern aluminum fencing and gates instead of traditional wooden fences that rot over time.

This preference can be attributed to the fact that Aluminium is a very strong material that does not shrink, warp or crack, even when exposed to the outside environment.

The Neighborhood

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