Aluminum fence in Norman, OK 73072

San Francisco Style aluminum fence in flat black made with 1” aluminum slats and ½” spacers. Perfect fence solution to keep your privacy and security and at the same time have some view left. The installation was in dirt using 1-1/4”x1-1/4” square steel tube in concrete. As a result, viewers can gain glimpses of the surroundings beyond each panel, expanding the view of the garden beyond the panels and framing the surrounding landscape.

About Norman, OK 73072

Located in Oklahoma, Norman is a large, mid-sized city. A community of 128,026 citizens and 34 neighborhoods, Norman is the third-largest in Oklahoma. The Norman real estate market is among the most expensive in Oklahoma, although its values do not match those of the most expensive properties in the country. The city has a nice blend of city and college town attributes, making Norman truly unique. Although Norman is not a large city, it is big enough to provide a healthy dose of amenity, opportunity, and diversion to its residents and to the thousands of college students that flock there every fall.

The Neighborhood

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