Aluminum fence for vineyard in Carlsbad, CA 92009

4’ height architectural bronze fence made to close vineyard. The bottom part was made with 5.5” aluminum slats and the top with 1” aluminum slats. In addition to personalizing the aluminum fence for the vineyard, various styles and colors can be selected to match one’s tastes and preferences.

About Carlsbad, CA 92009

Carlsbad is a large coastal city situated in the state of California. There are 114,746 people living in Carlsbad’s 22 neighborhoods, making it the 56th largest city in California.

In addition to being among the most expensive in California, Carlsbad real estate consistently ranks among the most expensive in the country.

White-collar jobs dominate Carlsbad’s workforce, accounting for fully 90.24% of employment, way beyond the national average. Carlsbad is a city populated mostly by professionals, managers, salespeople, and office workers.

The Neighborhood

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