Aluminum fence and gate in Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Front fence and entry gate made with 5.5” aluminum slats with 1⁄2” spacer every other slats (Chicago Style). The top 3” of the fence and gate made with two 1” slats and 1⁄2” spacers. Very modern and privet look. Furthermore, the aluminum gate and fence have been seamlessly incorporated into the house’s design in order to accentuate its aesthetics.

About Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Santa Rosa is located in the state of California and is a relatively large city. Santa Rosa is the 25th largest municipality in California, with a population of 178,127 people and 48 neighborhoods. The cost of living in Santa Rosa is among the highest in the country, although real estate prices here are not as high as those in the most expensive California communities.

It’s not primarily white-collar or blue-collar like some cities. There is a mix of white-collar and blue-collar occupations prevalent in Santa Rosa. Additionally, Santa Rosa has more computer and math workers than 95% of US cities.

The Neighborhood

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