Aluminum fence and aluminum sliding gate in Nashville, TN 37215

Flat black aluminum fence made with mixed slats of the 5.5” and 1” horizontal aluminum slats with ½” spacers. The driveway was closed by 20’ aluminum sliding gate with the same design. The corrosion and rust resistance of aluminum is unsurpassed by wood or steel, making aluminum fencing and aluminum sliding gates of this type extremely durable.

About Nashville, TN 37215

The city of Nashville is located in the state of Tennessee. Nashville is Tennessee’s largest city, home to 689,447 people and 169 neighborhoods. Nashville real estate values are among the highest in Tennessee, though they aren’t as high as the most expensive real estate in the United States.

Besides being a city with artists, Nashville is also known for its music scene. In Nashville, there are more artists, designers, and media professionals than in 90% of the other communities in America. The concentration of artists contributes to Nashville’s unique character. Additionally, Nashville has more people working in computers and math than 95% of the places in America.

The Neighborhood

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