Privacy Fence

When it comes to privacy fence As a property owner, we don’t usually tolerate strangers or onlookers peeping inside our property.

If you have something private inside your yard or home and you simply don’t want other people to see it. have a privacy fence or privacy gate installed, definitely will be Your best solution.

In fact, having a privacy fence gives you a peaceful mind, and by knowing that your property is safe from prying eyes creates a peaceful backyard environment that your family can enjoy. If installed properly, onlookers will have zero visual access in any event.
That said, having a privacy fence installed is one thing, but ensuring whether you get a suitable fence for you or not is another. In other words, keep reading to get more insights on the big considerations that you shouldn’t miss out and how a privacy fence will definitely benefit you in the long run.

First, Choose Your Privacy Fence and privacy gate Materials Wisely

Choosing the right materials for your privacy fence or privacy gate will determine how much will it cost, cost of maintenance or even what maintenance free fence are out there. Determine the level of functionality it can provide. Therefore, choosing your materials isn’t something like your routine grocery, but a culmination of big considerations and budget. Here are some of the most common fencing materials out there in the market:

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is considered to be one of the most low maintenance type of privacy fence or privacy gate available in the market. Due to its innate properties, vinyl fences are not susceptible to rotting, warping, or staining. It also has exceptional impact resistance and durability, as well as weatherproofing properties—making it the ideal choice as a sustainable fencing material.
Vinyl is also non-toxic unlike treated wood. It’s made from cheap materials such as PVC resins and other special ingredients. If you’re looking for the most affordable type of fence out there and you want something that won’t bother you with maintenance, vinyl fences are perfect for you.

Wood Fence

Wood When it comes to significantly increasing curb appeal, wood privacy fences always top the lists. Many property owners considers the natural look of wood to be striking and attractive. Basically, the more natural the wood, the more beautiful it is. However, like any other organic material out there, wood will rot easily, stain, or break under normal circumstances. Though property owners get around this by treating them with a special protective coating, the additional cost for this makes property owners to think twice when considering treated wood. But if budget allows, as well as the cost for a comprehensive yearly maintenance, treated wood is perfect for you if you desire a natural theme for your property and backyard.

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are renowned for their attractive styles and striking look. The glossy, black colored style is the go-to choice for many. However, most aluminum fence designs such as lattice, picket, or geometric isn’t necessarily suited as a privacy fence due to the gaps it create. Property owners get around this by patching up the gaps with plants, shrubs, or greeneries. This results in a unique and whole new look of aluminum fences. Not only do greeneries add a natural look to it, it also conceals your property from onlookers. More importantly, aluminum fences will definitely increase a property’s value by a significant amount. In fact, many beautiful houses have a fence made from aluminum. Not to mention that they are also not prone to rust or staining, and it doesn’t not require the same level of high maintenance as required by other types of fences. In fact, powder coated aluminum fence is the only maintenance free fence you can have/.

People's Though about privacy fence and privacy gate

"In my opinion, privacy fence and privacy gate always looks better because it looks more finished then others. In addition, you can have it in many colors if you choose aluminum fence."
Philip Watson
Fence Contractor, Los Angeles, CA
"A good reason to consider privacy fence is security. Besides the fact that it is harder to get into a place surrounded by privacy fence, it also will make them think twice before."
Emma Roberts
Home Designer, Denver, CO
"As far as installing privacy fences, I found it easier than any other fences. It usually comes as a big panels or posts and slats like Alumission's aluminum fence."
Olivia Spencer
DIYer, Billings, MO

Wrought Iron or Steel Privacy Fence and privacy gate

Steel fences are one of the most expensive choices.

They are famous for their neat-looking appeal and classic style. Property owners can reduce the cost of purchasing steel materials by reducing the amount of steel used. You can do this by either reducing the height or spacing of posts and railings.
However, doing this will create gaps, but it can be accounted for by using other materials like wood to create a screen. If that’s not enough still, you can always compensate for it by adding plants and shrubs or do your own designed fence.

More about Local Ordinances Regarding Privacy Fence

Having a privacy fence are not without surprises.

Unbeknownst to you, it may do you more harm than good, especially if you have nosy neighbors. They may even take legal action against you and ultimately, you will be left with no other choice but to remove it.
For instance, if you build a fence too high, your neighbor’s yard is obstructed and their view is limited. Or you may have probably used a toxic material like treated wood that may raise a serious health concern for your neighbors if they have some kind of breathing difficulties.
To avoid these problems, you should ask your local building official about the restrictions and standards of building a privacy fence or privacy gate. Adhering to this will help save you more money in the long run than otherwise would’ve been spent in expensive lawsuits and costly replacement.
Benefits of a Privacy Fence.

Keeps the children and pets safe

A fenced property is the safest playground for your little ones and pets. It removes the need for you to supervise them than they would need in an open area. Similarly, residential fence allow your pets to have more freedom running and playing without having to worry about them running away.

Distinguishes property lines

Having a privacy fence can help define your property line, especially in a residential setting. Properly line disputes can also be ended by simply installing one.

Boost to your property’s curb appeal

For many, a fence property is more than a security feature, but a way to express themselves. As such, property owners put in extra effort in beautifying their fences. This results in two things: an attractive curb appeal and increased property value. Either way, both are beneficial for the property owner in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to put a privacy fence?

Full privacy fence will cost you between $30-$90 per linier foot. The cost will be depend on two major factors: 1. Fence height and 2. Obviously, the material. 

How much does a 6 foot privacy fence cost?

The cost will be depend on the material. Anywhere from $45-$90. Wood fence will be the cheaper, Vinyl will be more and aluminum just a bit more.

What is the cheapest privacy fence to build?

Wood fence will be the cheapest fence you can get. However, if you will hire a contractor aluminum fence can be cheaper in total as the installation cost be cheaper.

What's the best privacy fence?

Aluminum privacy fences will be the best choice by far. Long run cost will be cheaper, it is defiantly looks better and obviously, it is much more durable. The most cost effective aluminum fence will be by Alumission.

Is a vinyl fence cheaper than wood?

No! Most people tend to think that vinyl fence is cheaper than wood because it is look cheaper. In fact, it is almost 2 times more expensive than wood fence.

Is it cheaper to build your own privacy fence?

Indeed, most contractor will not make any profit on the material itself. The money you pay for the contractor for labor is the money you will save by do it youself.

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