Maintenance Free Fencing

No Maintenance Fencing

Why you must choose a maintenance free fencing?

Save your time and money by using a low maintenance fence or no maintenance fencing. Time is money and to save your money choose the best fencing for your home, garden, and for your property. In other words, the best option is maintenance-free and low-maintenance fencing.

You want a durable, beautiful, and lifelong fence and in any event you don’t want a spring cleaning list every year. We offer you the best fence material, it won’t require maintenance

Maintenance Free Fences and Gates

Fencing Options

Let’s explore your favorite low-maintenance fencing options. 
Wood fences, Vinyl, and Aluminum fence panels are the most in-demand fences. 

Wood Fence

Those fence are the very popular option. You can make a home for your dog in your yard or you just want privacy fence! It is the most affordable material with for the short run. However, Wooden fences need cleaning, as well as scrubbing, and staining on regular basis. In the list of financial savings for the short run, a wood fence is a good choice, but the rails and the boards are only likely to last no longer than 4-6 years.

Vinyl fence

Now vinyl fence is low maintenance fence. It is one of the leading low maintenance fencing material. Vinyl will not require sanding or painting like a wood fence, However, we do recommend cleaning it once in a while. Vinyl is very popular pick because of a variety of patterns that match many homes. For its best look, you can clean it with soap and water.

Aluminum fences

Last but not the least, we’d like to introduce no cleaning as well as maintenance free fencing and it is our aluminum fence. In addition, wide range of colors and designs in the fence for your home. Alumission aluminum fences are available in lots of styles and colors. In addition, the best part of an aluminum fence is that it can hide dirt very well. As a matter of fact, the best option for maintenance-free fencing and the most stylish and modern. Still, you will find aluminum fences worthwhile and you don’t need to wash it or do any maintenance other than wash it with a garden hose.

aluminum vs Wood

Difference between Wood fence maintenance and Aluminum fence maintenance:

• Aluminum fencing only has an initial installed cost and over the period of time, you don’t need to spend maintenance cost. On the other hand, the natural wood fence will offer a lower initial material cost, as the same time you have to spend some cost over a year. To sum up, in aluminum you will spend more at first and for the wood fence; you will spend over a year.
• Wood fencing can turn and twist with sun, rain, or with excessive moisture. For some time, we can protect wood fence with paints but this also can fade with the sun while aluminum is highly durable. It can’t be mold or get rusted and its color can never be fade with rain or sunlight.
In three points we will tell you about the advantages of aluminum maintenance-free fencing:
• Money Savings: Every couple of years, most fencing needs care, time, maintenance, painting, and sealing, etc. Alumission aluminum fences with low care needs not to mention will be a friend to your budget
• Time Savings: In this tough routine, no one wants to do the daily care of fence because it isn’t a quick 5-minute job and your weekend can be a waste. By choosing a fence that requires no or very little care, you can definitely enjoy your weekends instead maintain your fence.
• Cost and Value: Have you ever notice that maintenance-free or low maintenance fence comes with a higher price tag? Don’t discourage you to see these price tags. Consider the fence with cost vs value. Maybe initially you spend a bit more, but potentially you’ll save thousands in the long run.

If you think about a fence with style, long run price, and maintenance free, go with Alumission Fences and Gates.

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