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When you shop for fencing for your property, the number of options available will be overwhelming. Whether to get steel fencing? Or wooden fencing that looks classic? There are so many options in the market that may confuse you. However, the all-time best choice for fencing your property will be aluminum fence and gates. Alumission offers these in-demand aluminum fencing. The best prices that suit your expectations as well as your budget.

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If you ever doubt why you should purchase aluminum fencing from Alumission. Here is the answer to your question. Firstly, all the aluminum products from Alumission are made right here in the USA. Secondly, high-class engineers employed to manufacture the products. Lastly, all of them come with a lifetime warranty. In fact, you should know that buying American-made products gives a heads up to the American economy as well as helps to support local businesses. 

To sum up, aluminum is the best option for fences and gates when it comes to high-grade and cost-efficient fencing. In addition it is available in multiple grades ranging from lightweight residential to heavyweight industrial. As of today, many types of aluminum fencing include residential, commercial, security, privacy, and industrial.

why you should choose aluminum

buzz around aluminum over other metals is quite common. It is certainly because aluminum is a low density, corrosion-resistant material. It withstands weathering and lasts longer than other metals. Aluminum ensures less maintenance and effortless cleaning.

Every piece of aluminum at Alumission is powder-coated extruded aluminum. Extrusion is a metal shaping process that exerts a force on a piece of metal to shape it in the required design. In addition, powder-coating is the process of spraying electrostatically charged paint onto the extrusions. Unlike liquid paint, there are no solvents present in the powder-coat. making it eco-friendly. They can be done in vivid colors too. Also, powder-coated aluminum tends to last longer than painted or anodized aluminum. When paint wears off in a few months, it will require re-painting and maintenance work. Powder-coated products do not wear off for years to come. They acquire less to no maintenance fence cost. 

Aluminum Fencing is an environmentally friendly option. One of the main advantage is that aluminum can be recycled. Still not lose its durability and quality. In addition, so many different varieties of options present in the market. Aluminum still stands high. It is because aluminum is not just cost-efficient. It is also gives a classic look to the fencing at much fewer costs. In fact, an increase in climate change and untimely showers and storms, there are increased chances of the fence corroding. However, the rust-resistant factor of aluminum helps the metal withstand all challenges.

Have you built your property over a slope? Worried about how to give it an even fencing? 

We at Alumission provide fencing that fits any grounding. The fence can adjust itself to fit the topography of the ground. Easy-installation is one of the benefits of using aluminum fencing. Especially for people who love to do things by themselves. We have DIY fencing kits for you to fence your property by yourself at your pleasure.

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see the perks we get out of purchasing at Alumission:

advantages and benefits of aluminum fencing

Alumission provide completely customizable products for you. All you need to do is give in your desired panel size, color, spacer, etc. We are here to get it done for you! Even the smallest detailing at Alumission is at utmost care. In addition, our staff will provide the best service to our customers. We also have a wide range of designs for you to choose from in all kinds of fencing. While all our residential fence are from the US, our commercial and industrial products are manufactured in Israel by high-tech engineers.

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guarantee that All our products are:

Fire-resistant fencing. Recyclable material. A lifetime warranty for our highly durable products. No maintenance fence for years to come. Weather-resistant fencing. Termite free fencing. Water-resistant fencing.

You have landed in the right spot for your fencing products. Hurry up! Grab the opportunity to fence your property with the most affordable and high-quality fencing in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an aluminum Fence Cost?

The aluminum fence mostly priced by the weight of material used. As well as labor to make and finish. Easier way to calculate the price will be by square foot and not linear foot. It can be anywhere from $5 per sqf and up to $30. you can see our prices and get an idea.

is aluminum fence cheaper than wood?

Wood fence is usually cheaper than aluminum fence. But, if you calculate long term, aluminum fence will be cheaper to maintain. No sanding neither painting is needed for for over 20-30 years. With wood fence you will save some on the initial investment. However, you will pay much more than aluminum fence over time.

is aluminum fence good for dogs?

Aluminum fence is great for dogs as well as for most animals. It can not get rust or brake. It also have no splinter to hurt the animal including dogs.

Are aluminum fences strong?

Most aluminum fences are very strong. If you compare it to wood fence or vinyl fence it is defiantly much stronger. Compare to Iron fence it will be depend on the thickness and shape of each one of them.

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