Aluminum Fence Panels (slat fencing)

Aluminum Fence Panels

We all know “Aluminum” is an ever-present standard option for fences and railings, but have you ever thought why? Aluminum fence panels is a low-density, corrosion resistant material. And hence, is considered as a lightweight, durable fencing and railing structure. 

Aluminum fences are made for both commercial and residential use giving the benefits of low-maintenance requirements, easy-cleaning facility and also, these fence panels resist weathering. These panels give us the advantage of easy installation, that is adjusting to the slope of your land leaving no gaps at the bottom of the fence in any kind of grounding. 

Aluminum Gate Wholesale

These panels are manufactured in multiple grades ranging from lightweight residential to heavyweight industrial. Aluminum fence prove to be ubiquitous.

How to Choose the Right Aluminum Fence Panels

There are a variety of considerations to be made before choosing the right fence:

Final Conclusion

Considering the above factors, you can decide upon which kind of fencing will suit your requirements better and satisfy your expectations.

Aluminum Fence Panels

Advantages of using Aluminum Fence Panels

Environmentally Sustainable

Aluminum is a very sustainable material. It can be recycled. Aluminum is a highly recyclable material. To make your fence as eco-friendly as possible, look for a fence that is made from recycled aluminum, so that your fence can be recycled at the end of its lifespan. Additionally, as aluminum does not require constant painting or refinishing, you reduce your use of strong finishes for maintenance.

Not Susceptible to Corrosion

While a metal fence’s risk of corrosion completely depends on finish material as much as it depends on its base material, aluminum fence panels is one of the least vulnerable ones. Unlike steel, aluminum does not rust. This reduced risk of corrosion stems from the fact that aluminum is not a ferrous metal which means it reacts less to moisture.

Classic Look at a Lower Cost

Aluminum fencing looks similar to iron and steel models. However, because it is lightweight and requires less characterized production, aluminum fence panels comes at just a fraction of the cost of many other decorative metal fences. Aluminum is one third of the weight of steel fencing, which makes it easier to transport and install. In turn, lightweight materials usually have lower labor costs too.

Compatible with Most Topography

If you have an uneven property, some fencing materials cannot follow a slope. Aluminum is known as a rack-able material. Rack-able fences are adjustable fences so they fit the topography of your yard without leaving any gaps along the bottom of the fence. Eliminating these gaps is essential to keeping your yard secure and beautiful since holes can allow animals or intruders onto your property.

Cost Efficient

With many upcoming environmental and financial benefits, aluminum is rapidly becoming one of the most preferred materials for structures globally. Aluminum fence panels is much more cost efficient compared to iron or steel fencing, with major benefits.

Aluminum Fence Panels

How to calculate my Aluminum fence Panels?

Main Posts: our recommendation is to have 6′  between posts. 
Formula: Fence Length / 6′ + 1 = The amount of posts you’ll need. If the number is not full round it up.
Example: if you need 27′ Fence you will need 6 posts: 27/6=4.5 (round up to 5)  + 1 end post= 6 post. 

Slat Panels: There are two sizes of slats, 1″ and 5.5″. Depending on the fence height you can calculate the quantity you will need for each 6′ section of the fence. Formula: Fence height (inches) / 5.5″ or 1″ = The quantity of slats for each 6′ section. This time round the number down (you can add 1″ slat fill if there is a gap).
Example: If your fence height is 42″ you will need 7 slat for each section of 6′: 42/5.5=7.63 (round down to 7).
If you want it to be complete 42″ (7 slats makes 38.5″) you can add  three 1″ slats on top (1×3=3″ more).

Post Cover: Used to cover empty slides opening in the post if not being used to slide slats (only in end posts). Usually you will need total of 2 for any size fence, if your fence end on a wall or brick post you will not need any. Every post comes with 1 post cover.

Post’s Base, Base Cover, Post Top: Usually the same quantity as you posts (one for each post)

Gates: Choose your gate size (3′ or 4′), if you want a custom size gate or custom design, contact us and we will be happy to make it for you.
Special order item will be ready to ship as fast as 5-7 business day

What is the difference between Commercial vs Residential Fences?

Residential aluminum fence panels are perfect for applications around your home. You can use these panels for the perimeter of your yards, in your gardens or around your swimming pools. House owners can completely rely on the strength of these fencing to negate trespassers, keeping pets in, or just define property lines. Aluminum fencing is ideal for its low weight and durable material as already mentioned, it allows for easier installation and saves on shipping and install costs. The easy assembly instructions of some products allow for self-installation as well for additional cost savings.

Commercial aluminum fence panels unlike residential fence are a lot sturdier than the latter and are made with larger pickets, larger rails and thicker gauge materials. These fences and gates are commonly used in retail property, apartment complexes, hotels, and other businesses. And just like residential fences, commercial fence panels also offer added security for swimming pools. They are occasionally chosen for an aesthetic appeal too, while maintaining higher durability and longer lifespan.

Aluminum Fence Wholesale

Misconceptions about Aluminum Slat Fencing

1. Aluminum Fence panels doesn’t last long.

This is a completely wrong assumption as aluminum is the most long-lasting metal compared to others, being naturally resistant to corrosion and rust. Aluminum tops its class when it comes to this factor.

2. Aluminum fence panels costs less due to cheap quality.

The less cost of aluminum fencing may seem suspicious only to those dwelling over costly wrought iron fencing. Aluminum costs less not due to their less quality, but due the abundance of the metal resource on earth. It is also a recyclable and reusable metal which proves that aluminum can be used so much without impacting its quality, and its abundance will never perish.

3. Aluminum Fence panels is Lightweight, Won’t last long.

Wrong again. The lightweight of the material involves the density of the metal and not its strength. Aluminum is denser than steel and steel and wrought iron meaning its lighter than both. Many manufacturers find the lightweight factor a positive sign, as its easy and more affordable to ship, lift, and install.

4. Aluminum Fence panels is Hard to Clean and dispose of.

Aluminum fencing needs just cleaning to maintain. Cleaning an aluminum fence is really easy. It only needs a little snug soapy water and some elbow grease to have it shining and sparkling. Comparing this to other fencing which may require hours of scrubbing at rust and treating afterwards, it is clear who tops the table.

Aluminum fencing is easy to dispose oftoo. If you decide to change up your property, or want to update your fencing with a new set of aluminum fencing, then your old set is quite easy to dispose of. As we previously mentioned, aluminum is highly recyclable, as it can be used time and time again without diminishing in its quality. Therefore, there are many recycling services you can give your old fencing to, some of which may even pay you for your donation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, $20-$70 per foot. However, Like anything, there are many factors for the price. The price mostly will be effected by the aluminum pound. In other words, the more material on the fence, the more money will it cost.

If you need the best aluminum fence for the best price, Definitely, Alumission! Unlike most aluminum fence companies, Alumission sells DIY. No need to weld or custom build. It’s aluminum fence panels connect as a Lego. 

Due to the aluminum material and the high-end powder coated on the fence you don’t have to do any maintenance other than wash it with water hose whenever you want it to look new.

Aluminum CAN NOT get rust, regardless of that, any damage caused by nature, as rain, snow, heat or any other element will be covered by our LIFETIME warranty.

Yes, we can make any size for any of our products. Special order sizes will take 2-3 business day to ship.

Any order is shipped within one business day. Shipping time very from state to state, 2-5 business days.

Aluminum Double Swing Gate 13.5’Wx6’H Gate Kit


12″ Black Cane Bolt


4′ Square Steel Tube


L Connector For Posts


Aluminum 6’Wx6’H Gate Kit


Aluminum 4’Wx6’H Gate Kit


Double Sided Keyed Gate Latch


Kwikset Keyed Deadbolt


Kwikset Daylon Keyed Entryt Lever


Halo WiFi Touchscreen Electronic Smart Lock


Side Post Cap


Gate Frame Cap


#12 1″ Self Drilling Screws (pack of 50)


L Brackets with Screws


Aluminum Side Post


Aluminum Gate Frame


V Groove Wheels


Stainless Steel V Track 10′


Custom Size Aluminum Spacers (pack of 50)


Lockable Gate Latch


4″ Self-Closing Hinges (Set of 2)


Sliding Gate Guide Rollers 6″


Gate Anti-Sag Kit


#8 Stainless Steel Self Drilling Screws (pack of 100)


Flat Post Cap With Hole


Post Cover


Aluminum Main Post


Kwikset Smart Code Electronic Deadbolt


Aluminum Posts Connector


Flat Post Cap


5.5″ Aluminum Slat


1″ Aluminum Slat


1/2″ Aluminum Spacers (pack of 50)


Base Cover


Post Cap


Post Base 18″

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