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At Alumission we take pride in offering top of the line modern Aluminum fencing and gates that are long lasting with easy installation and maintenance free.

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Alumission fencing and gates are revolutionary in their design, offering a wide variety of styles and unique durability, at an affordable price with easy installation. Our aluminum fencing and gates are powder-coated which reduces peeling or rusting increasing their lifetime and reducing the overall maintenance cost.

Here are some of our main products


Residential Fence

Powder coated all aluminum, comes in many designs and colors. Made in the USA with a LIFETIME warranty.



Commercial Fencing

Hot galvanized or powder coated metal especially designed for commercial places like schools, hospitals and parks.


Industrial fencing

Hot galvanized high grade metal. Designed to use for orchards, manufacturers and anything industrial.


Security Fence

Hot galvanized high grade metal, made in Israel. LIFETIME warranty. Usually used for military bases or high security places.

Aluminum Modern Fences and Gates

Alumission powder-coated aluminum fencing is made in the USA and comes in a variety of styles and colors. Our fencing is unique in both design and durability. Our high-quality materials are heat resistant, weatherproof, and reduces peeling and rust over time.

Alumission hot galvanized commercial steel fencing is strong and dependable. Our steel fencing is made in Israel, comes ready for easy installation and is ideal for improving property security.

Flat black aluminum fence panels and gate, 5.5" slats with 1/2" spacers
Dark Gray aluminum double swing gate made with 5.5" slats and no gap.
Aluminum wall topper fence made with 1" slats and 1/2" spacers.
Aluminum ranch style fence made with 5.5" slats and 12" spacers.
10' Aluminum driveway swing gate made with 5.5" slats and 1" slats on the top 1'. The gate is fully framed to support the motor.
6' high horizontal aluminum fence made with mix of 5.5" and 1" slats with 1/2" spacers.
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What makes Alumission fences special?

We offer top quality fences and gates for residential fence, commercial and industrial properties.


Alumission fencing and gates are priced competitively, making them an ideal choice for any property.


Alumission fencing and gates come in a variety of design styles and colors offering stunning fame for any property.


Alumission powder-coated aluminum is lightweight, sturdy, durable, heat resistant, termite resistant, weather-proof and corrosion resistant.

Easy Installation

Alumission fencing and gates are engineered for easy installation and easy DIY style modification.

Fire Resistant
as we all know, metal will provide the best fire block. aluminum or metal mesh.
Our residential fence made from 100% aluminum. from the ground up even the cup.
Recyclable Fences and Gates
At alumission we pride ourselves on using recyclable material only.
Unlike other fences, our fences need no maintenance other than washing.
All Weather
Extreme heat or heavy snow is definitely won't damage our fences.
Termite Free
Since our products dont include organic material termites are not drawn to it.
Water Resistant
If you live in a climate that gets a good amount of rain, our fences is for you.

Our fences and gates Specialization

Our Products have many benefits. Firstly, our goal is to provide the best material that will last the longest. Secondly, we want to keep our prices competitive with the market. In other words, when you buy Alumission you can be sure you get the best return for your money. Additionally, you will get the best customer service. 

Unlike other products, we made ours fit or can be fit easily to most cities codes and permits. For example: for the City of Los Angeles codes, the front fence is limited to 42″. That is easily adjust with our residential fence. 


Affordable wholesale fence and gate materials for the public.


Our products look amazing from all sides for any type of project. Elegant and modern.

Maintenance Free Fence

All of our Products are maintenance free, all you need is a water hose.


Weather resistant, termite resistant, fire resistant and long lasting.

Lifetime Product

All of our aluminum materials are 100% rust free for life.

Easy Installation

All of our products require very basic tools and skills.

Fully Customizable, USA Made Aluminum Fences and Gates

All Alumission fences and gates are made to be customized! 

Choose from a wide selection of styles and powder coat colors. Your fence/gate is guaranteed to match the style of your home and look great.

Since all Alumission fences and gates are crafted from architectural grade aluminum, it’s 100% rust proof, light weight, and maintenance free.

And best of all- It’s affordable!

Only aluminum can give you the such an extensive range of styles and solutions required for your home. Traditional, modern, or hybrid? Manual or electronic operation? Have a budget we need to meet? No problem!

Get Your Free Consultation!

Our project advisors are standing by to help you with your project and make sure it comes out just the way you imagine it

Frequently Asked Questions

The starting price on gate materials for a standard pedestrian gate is approximately $900. Other factors such as terrain, shipping, color, hardware, application, and style may affect pricing as well.

The cost for fencing starts at approximately $30/square foot. Other factors such as shipping, color, hardware, and style may affect pricing as well.

A fence is a stationary panel between sections of land. (Example: Separating land, houses, properties, or sub-sections of a property)

A gate is a moving panel that swings or slides. (Example: Front yard gate, side gate, driveway gate, backyard gate, pool gate)

Yes, depending on the size of the gate. Larger and heavier gates require specific consideration in the design to account for extra forces acting on them as the gate opens and closes and how often the gate is used. 

This may require more hardware, posts, slats.. etc. that are not necessarily needed for a stationary panel.

It is typically recommended to have your gate open inwards (toward your property) so it is not obstructing public property or your neighbors house. 

However, pool gates generally open outward from the pool due to code for easy exit and safety for children.